Dum-dum-di-da-di-da and Other Hits by Henry’s Mother

“Rise and shine!” Henry’s mother belted out as she set the sunlight loose on Henry’s bedroom. She continued to sing replacing all the words she didn’t know with hums and do-das. (Which were all the words except rise and shine)

She transitioned to “here comes the sun” by the Beatles and knew a few more words

“Here comes the sun do-do-do-da” she called over him as she jumped on the end of the bed.

Henry rolled over and searched the back of his eyelids for a lost dream. It had been a good one. He was sure of it.

“Fine” his mother called out and leapt off the bed. She exited the room. Henry’s dog Max curled up tighter into the bend behind his knees.

Henry searched harder in the darkness. If only he could find the dream he could hide there from the light and noise. Then, the clanging and banging began.


It drew closer, and closer, and closer.


“Henry mom says TIME TO GET UP!”

Henry peered out into the room to find his little sister, Sara, pot in one hand, wood spoon in the other, smiling sadistically.


Max looked out at the intruder and began to growl.


Max began barking at her. She screamed and fled the room. Henry smiled and patted Max head.

“Good boy,” he muttered, closing his eyes yet again. Angry steps approached.

“Henry, it is time to get up. Just because you have the day off school doesn’t mean your father and I do too. You need to shovel the driveway and babysit Sara while I am at the office.”

Henry groaned disapprovingly.

“Oh poor baby has no school. Get up, I won’t ask you again.” She left. Henry rolled over. He scratched the top of Max’s head.

“You understand boy,” he said. Max crawled up the bed and licked Henry’s face then, laid his head down on Henry’s chest.

“Well, no way I can move now. You’re just too darn cute.” Henry said before closing his eyes and finding a dream there waiting for him. Whether it was eternity or a split second he spent here he didn’t know. When he opened his eyes his mother was standing in the middle of the room holding a plate. She smiled.

“I made your favorite.” She said.

Henry smiled, now this he would get out of bed for. He could smell the maple in the bacon.

“Thank-“ he began.

“Since you and that dog both seem so intent on being lazy I’ll give you equal opportunity at breakfast.”

Henry angled an eye at her suspiciously.

“Max!” his mom called. Max’s head popped up. Henry’s mother place the plate down on the floor and walked out of the room.

“Max no!” Henry cried as Max leapt off the bed. Henry flailed off after him. He lunged for the plate but fell short. Max buried his snout in the eggs and scarfed down the bacon. The grotesque tragedy was over in moments. Henry lay back, defeated. The plate skidded around the floor as Max licked it clean.

Henry’s mother looked down at him from the doorway.

“Oh, you’re up! Proud of you.”



9 replies to “Dum-dum-di-da-di-da and Other Hits by Henry’s Mother

      1. Absolutely. I am scared for that day. I don;t know if I’d have the heart to actually make my child compete with the dog for food. I’m much less kind to characters in my stories.

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  1. Poor Henry. When my son becomes a teenager (years off fortunately), I’ll do my best to remember that teens need more sleep. I remember my parent’s struggles to get my brothers to get out of bed. You have a great looking blog. Love the illustrations by the Russian living in Russia 🙂


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