The Future King – Bonus Story (In light of current events)

The Future King stood in his high tower staring down at the crowd.

“Why are they so afraid of me?”

“People who are truly afraid make no noise at all. No, that is not fear, it is hate.” Mr. Hunhau whispered from behind a shadow.

“I didn’t want this.” The Future King mumbled.

Mr. Hunhau laughed. “You asked for power, not love. I have given you power. Now you must submit to your end of the bargain. You must keep the old world out so that We might continue our work.”

“But how?”

“You must build your wall. You must build it high and impenetrable”

“But, how could I? How will they let me?”

“Let you? I have given you as much power as this world has to provide. No one will stand in your way. I have surrounded you with allies.”

The Future King wept into his small orange hands. The crowd below wept with him.

Mr. Hunhau reached out from under the shadow and patted him gently on the back.

“You are a product of the new world, embrace it.”

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