Full Moon

Dan and I stood in an old cobblestoned square with a couple beers we’d bought off a roaming Pakistani man. A group of older tourists were chatting with us and we were all chuckling guiltily over a joke with allusions to rape.

“Should we be laughing at that?” said one of the older women in the group in a red dress. Before anyone could answer we heard a man yelling on the other side of the square. We all turned to watch. It was a young and dirty man. He was running around the square, looking up at the lights and screaming at them in Spanish. There wasn’t anything special about the old lights, they matched the old cobblestones and old cathedral. One of the tourist, a small bald man with studious looking glasses and a sexually ambiguous scarf, asked “What is he saying?”

“He is mad at the lights.” Dan said flatly.

“His girlfriend doesn’t seem happy.” Said the plump woman holding the bald man’s arm.

We turned to see a young woman standing at the mouth of an alley watching the man run around the square yelling at the lights. A woman in an unknown window yelled something and threw a mound of water onto the yelling man. This enraged him even further. We all drank our beers and watched. He began hollering up at the wall of dark windows and began saying many things in Spanish of which I only understood “Puta”. Someone grabbed my shoulder. I turned to look at the girl from the alley.

“It is because of the full moon.” She said.


She pointed up at the moon which was in fact full, then at her enraged partner.

“It is because of the full moon.”

“Oh.” I told her. She smiled and went back to the alley.

The man seemed to be tuckering out. Dan and I said our goodbyes to the group of nameless tourists and watched them get in a taxi. The angry boy was out of breath, he kicked a wall drunkenly and almost fell over. He glared up at the lights.

“I’m empty.” Said Dan, shaking his can at me.

“Me too.” I told him.

“Should we go find more.”

“Yeah why not.”

As we left the square I turned and watched the boy stand under the old light, defeated. His girlfriend came out from the alley and held him in her arms. She kissed the side of his head and he began crying. Dan and I rounded a corner and they were gone.


Author Benjamin Davis and artist Nikita Klimov created one story and one picture each day for one year. In May 2018 they published their first book, The King of FU

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