What Happened When Frank Died: The Sand Dollar

Frank died. At the plain white door, he knocked. A woman in plain white clothes opened the door into a plain white hallway.

“Hello Frank.” She said in a very plain tone. Her hair was straight and tied up in a neat bun. She had glasses and a clipboard.

“Where am I?” asked Frank.

“You’re dead. Come with me.” She turned and started marching down the plain white hallway. Frank followed. They passed plain white door after plain white door for what seemed like hours. Finally, they arrived and a plain white door like all the others. The woman turned.

“This is you.” She opened it and Frank peeked in around the frame. Inside a small child was playing on the beach. He found a sand dollar and he sat rinsing it off when, all of the sudden another, bigger sand dollar washed up next to him. He snatched it up and stared at it, amazed. Frank turned to the woman.

“What is this?”

“This is the happiest moment in your life. This is where you will spend eternity.”

“But I don’t even remember this?” Frank said. He began to feel a faint panic that one feels when suspicious a bad joke may come to pass.

“We have it here as your happiest memory. We don’t make mistakes.”

Frank looked at her, aghast. “Well you must’ve made a damn mistake. What about the day I married my wife?”

The woman stared blankly at him then checked her clipboard, politely. “Well, that wasn’t even on our radar.”

“What about when my son was born?” He demanded.

“Nope.” She said, this time not even checking the clipboard.

“Well—well I’m not going in there. I refuse.” Frank said, backing away from the door.

“This isn’t heaven, this is hell!” He accused, shoving his finger in her face.

“I’m sorry I don’t know what either of those things are, but if you don’t mind stepping inside, I’ve things to attend to.” She said evenly.

“Never.” Said Frank as he backed further and further away from her.

“Mhm” was all the woman said before Frank found the hallway had shifted and he was backing up into the room.

“I said no!” he yelled and ran at the open door. But, the woman slammed it shut before he made it through. Frank turned around and walked toward the water. He sat down and began cleaning off a medium sized sand dollar. All of the sudden a bigger and better one washed up next to him. All the joy in the world flooded through him as he picked it up and examined it.

This is the best day ever! He thought.

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